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Tue, Nov. 2nd, 2004, 11:02 am

I'd like to thank MTV for interupting "Pimp My Ride" with Gideon fucking Yago outside a Cleveland voting area. Gideon looked quite smashing with his emo khaki blazer. X to the Z was watching at home, singing along to his own intro and then..."MOTHERFUCKER! WHAT IS THE LEAD SINGER OF MAROON 5 DOING ON PIMP MY RIDE?!?" then he does that warped ass version of the Bill Cosby laugh he always does and goes back to being Xzibit.

VOTE OR DIE! - P. Diddy.

Mon, Nov. 1st, 2004, 07:12 am

So I am updating. This is more of a creative process outlet for me.

As I stated before I was working on a script. I trashed the one I had originally mentioned. That idea went back into cerebro for some fine fucking tuning. I started fresh in late September with a new one and as of right now, I am approaching the finish line. Well, atleast I almost completely wrote the fucker. I most likely could have banged it out in two weeks. (you ever notice how I always say "most likely" instead of "probably"..that's because probably never looks right when I type it, so i avoid it at all costs)

Not to sound all high school guidence counselor on you but, it is a very rewarding process. bollocks...thats twice I've used the term "process" now. Being the evil mastermind behind the organic development of characters is fun. ( you can only imagine how many words I had typed instead of fun, but fuck you guys, its not like you are reading this anyway)

No, I am not going to drop out my senior year of college and go to USC and start taking Scriptic Writing courses. This is a side project, a hobby. Something that I invest minimal spare time too.

Overtime I am going to have a list of common film cliches that I will never use/hate hate hate
first up..

- fucking choregraphed dance scenes. I mean really, are you kidding me?
- The combination log line. "A thrilling mix of Scream III and Garfield".

Thats all I can remember for now, I had the proverbial laundry list of them but ofcourse I lost the list so when I remember I will bitch some more.

-Other Nonsense-
- That dude from "Best Week Ever" is dominating the commercial market, besides being the awesome inconsiderate cell-phone man. (MARTY YOUR A JOKER!) He has like 5 other commercials. He is also booking christenings and wakes.

- "Lost" is the best show on tv.

- How did I miss Destiny's Child getting back together? I do have my finger on the pop culture pulse.

- That Gwen Stefani jam isn't going away for a long time.

- Ashlee Simpson. I feel kind of bad for, because she just got a black eye on her career. Her singing at the RMAs was god awful, who stepped on the cat?

- Elliott Smith stabbed himself to dead. Thats when you know you are fucking miserable.

- I think I am the last person to know that Velvet Revolver was actually a supergroup. Yeah, I know..how the mighty have fallen.

- I refuse to watch the this Season's Real World. After a return to greatness last season is SD, the trump out the most one-dimensional characters possibly. Thank god for the Battle of the Sexes, the best reality show on TV. I think Coral's breast are getting bigger as we speak. Calm it down homegirl, someone might lose an eye. I love how Abe is now a beloved character, as if memory serves...he got booted off Road Rules for pummelling that fat black guy. The best part of it was the Black guy acted like he wanted revenge after Abe fucked him up. Darnell? Was that hs name? I know its not Darrell, as he was the awesome road ruler who spouted racially charges quotes about how well he was going to do in the last Real World/Road Rules Challenge. "I am going to run like a slave". Tina (not my girlfriend but the mixed? cast member) straddles the line between white and black. She went all ghetto on Tanya. Who honestly couldn't have cared less. I think Tanya was too busy working on a porn name, Tanya McTitties? I bet a Real World porn would sell really well, and you know they would do it. Those kids will do anything not to have to geta real job. They are touring colleges still, which is fucking gold as what life lessons can you tell me ACE? How not to punch a foreign cab driver because your fucking ignorant ass hasn't picked up a word of french? The Miz still rules, Christmas is coming up. Someone get me a Miz shirt.

yeah..That's about it. Please don't give me shit about structure, spelling and formatting. I am typing this at a speed that I would not be suprised if spelled my own name wrong.

Tue, Mar. 23rd, 2004, 09:06 am

- Siesta Siesta -
So the Wedding was a boatload of weird. First it was in a Spanish church and I picked up about 25 words of Spanish in my 6 years of Spanish class, so I was clueless. The wedding went fine besides the grandmother doing the weird prayer when she reached up to god, and I actually laughed at her on camera. then came the reception dinner.

- No Me Gusto -
15 people all went to dinner, and 14 of them spoke some sort of another language or knew enough of another one to converse with others. That 15th person was me. I got greek coming in the one ear and spanish in the next and all I want to know is what the spanish word for hell is so I can identify where I am. I could say I want to learn another language but that would go in my "yeah..like thats happening" jar along with being a spy, learning HTML and learning how to tumble.

- Random -
It is official "I believe in a thing called Love" by the Darkness has firmly knocked off Outkast's "Hey Ya" as the catchy soon to be overplayed but enjoy it while it lasts song of the moment.
Shaq put up some illnasty 30 points with 26 boards. Thats trifilling. Then he went out and bitched about Phil Jackson again. I love players who are so good they just don't give a shit what they say.
I read on CNN.com that Dawn of the Dead overcame the Passion of the Christ as the #1 movie in America. Just making sure...is that fucked up to anyone else?
Warren Sapp is a Raider. Yes because a team that struggled so much with chemistry needs a mouthy aging superstar for seven more years.
Where can I get my hands on a Duck Fuke shirt? I would never take it off, just on novelty alone.
"Walking Tall" has Neil McDonough as the big bad, really. Neil McDonough you may know him as the cop with blinding blonde hair from Minority Report. He was on Boomtown too, but nobody watched Boomtown..I am pretty sure it starred one of the New Kids and Bubba from Forest Gump. (Yes..I know there names) I was about to say why can't they get someone like Christopher Walken to play the bad guy but I realized that was the last Rock movie. I'll still see it, the Action Hero is a dying breed. Rock is one of the few tolerable ones left.
If I ever come into power, my first order of business will to ban any "Ninety's Nooner" "Flashback cafe", "lunch at the archives" or "90's weekend" from ever happening again. That's awful. Its not like you don't saturate the radio with that junk enough but now it gets its own segments. Its a surefire way for my to change the station.
Social Distortion = underrated.

Mon, Mar. 22nd, 2004, 08:37 am

- Baby's Daddy-
Tina's younger sister is pregnant and getting married today to her El Salvadorian fiance. Yeah..she is officially that girl. We spent the whole weekend pulling a TLC on their new apartment which Tina totally digs, I was just trying to watch some basketball. She asked me to be the cameraman for the wedding, which is a nice gesture but you will see a steadier camera on amateur porn. Hopefully I don't screw up too bad.

-Dream Job-
I actually sat down and checked out Dream Job last night on ESPN. From the previews it looked like Zach had it firmly in the bag and last night just reaffirmed that theory. I don't think I could handle being on that show, I would get too easily distracted by Stuart Scott's crazy eye.

I heard NC State got whored. Didn't see the game and you would think leaving ESPNews on all night I would have picked something up through osmosis but nothing. Kentucky lost which didn't suprise me for some reason...so wait Alabama has two schools left? Who knew the state was such a quiet Juggernaut.

Georgia Tech wins the St. Louis region. I am really high on GT, Jarrett Jack is scary and has that killer point guard confidence that he has no problem pulling up and drilling a shot which is an ACC staple. BJ Elder is your scorer, Luke Schensher is your goofy white boy center who has no problems putting up a double double. Marvin Lewis, does all the garbage work and dirty D while Ismail Muhammed has some funk in his dunk. Will Bynum is just a gamebreaker. Whenever he played Maryland, I dreaded when he had the ball outside the arch. I think they will be one the oldest teams in the ACC next year. With 4 seniors and 1 junior starting.

The NJ Region seems tough as there are some really good teams, I had no idea how dominant Ok. St was, I think Wake takes down St. Joes, Jamal Levy and Eric Williams being the major difference. Have I mentioned that Chris Paul is fantastic? I heard people comparing him to Stephon Marbury which really fits.

Duke will take Illinois, which is alot harder to spell then it looks. Duke is just so strong, its my bias but Duhon having a week to heal somewhat up, I think they come out clubbing. They've been clobbering teams since the Maryland Miracle loss. I have no idea who wins between Texas/Xavier (which the X is silent in..its said like "Zavier" instead) If I cared enough I'd flip a coin.

Alabama, Syracuse and Vanderbilt have all had nice little runs, but a healthy UCONN team is just too much.

Since I'm at my brothers I've missed alot of the shows I try to keep up with on a regular basis. This is just so I remember.
Wonderfalls 1x02
Alias 3x16
Sopranos 1x03
Deadwood 1x01
Family Business 2x08

Whats a good place for a guy to get a tattoo that doesn't look ghetto and white trash?

Sun, Mar. 21st, 2004, 08:08 am

I think of all these interesting things to say....then I plop down in front of my comp and nothing. So I just am gonna write till I feel like stopping or run out of things to say. The third and most likely option is that I get easily distracted and just stop writing. I am also going back to chapter format I used to use. It is easier for me to reign in my thoughts. I am pretty sure I used the wrong spelling of reign.

My brother (who is older) and his friend is working on a sketch comedy group. Which is stealing my Kool-Aid, as we Elliotts are defined as my oldest brother being the smart successful one, the middle son being the eccentric overachiever and be meaning the funny asshole. I need a new gimmick. Maybe I'll start that Jehovah's Witness Task Force I was kicking around.

I got my taxes back, so with all that cash money. BTW we really need a new term for money and such, I'll just wait till one pops up on Chappelle's Show. So in the spirit of having money when you are used to having none I barely excaped the urge to buy everything and anything. You would think I'd never seen it before.

-Commericials that Make Me Giggle-
The New Burger King commercial with the dude sniffing his co-worker's wrapper. That's good stuff. That commercial gets another gold star for that chick being cute as all getout.

-Jobs I Would Like to Have-
Writer on the Chappelle Show, I finally saw Neal Brennan, the other main writer besides Chappelle and homeboy is white as white gets. If you need a token white man to write for your show. I will work cheaper and I am straight up closet gangsta.

-Family Business-
That show on Showtime. Awesome stuff, makes working in the porn industry look like laid back fun. It seems like a nice job but I think I'd have a rough time getting hired if I interned with Seymore Butts. Uncle Stevie is neck and neck with Don Vito from Viva La Bam in the greatest family member ever award. The fact that he is like 60 years old, constantly cussing and freaking out, always up to no good and lying with the camera on him. Like for instance....
Uncle Stevie goes into a pornstore/strip club for lube or something and ends up getting a lapdance. Seymore Butts (whos real name is Adam, but I won't refer to as that would just confuse me) calls him and mid lapdance Stevie tells him traffic is backed up and he'll be right there. Doesn't he realize the camera right there?

Until next time...
Keeping it Gangsta.

Sat, Mar. 20th, 2004, 10:04 pm
Orange Crushed.

Ugh. That game was the end of me. My heart was in my throat, all this time in my own personal hell with a team that can't penatrate inside and with Billy Packer all over EVERY mistake. btw..you are an ass, Packer. Then like something out of fiction, shots start dropping. DJ drills a 3, which he shoots like 25%. Cuse' can't hit free throws to save there lives. I could have swore they would have won. Great season, can't wait for next year. hopefully.....

John Gilcrest - will keep up his level of performance and start to be mentioned in the same breathe as Felton, Paul and Jack.
Chris McCray - will learn to control his emotions, not ALWAYS drive when he doesn't have numbers.
Travis Garrison - Quit trying to bang inside, He's 6'9 with a nice touch. Use that to his advantage.
Nik Caner-Medley - I think C-M has actually regressed as a player this season, last year he seemed quicker and was awesome at driving to the basket. This year he taken WAY too many 3's when I know he could just drive and bang one off the backboard.
I think Fofana starts at Center next year, which scares me unless they start Ibekwe and Garrison and run 2 forwards and 3 guards like Duke does, but Maryland doesn't have a shooter like JJ Redick. But we do have Mike Jones, who I think is gonna be a fucking star. I am thinking like best player maybe in the ACC good.


Duke looked awesome yesterday...just incredible even without Duhon at full strength. Loul Deng may be a klingon but jesus he is good and Redick is the best shooter I have ever seen, I think the only one to challenge him is Jimmy Chitwood from Hoosiers.

Wake Forest won. I can't stand Wake because of one player..Danelius. I hate that guy, he flops around like someone shanked him with a knife, hes prissy and he swings his elbows with the intent of hitting someone in the face but doing it so that he doesn't get in trouble. WF is a very nice team. Chris Paul is only a freshman and he is amazing, Justin Gray just a sophmore. Same with Eric Williams who is just a banger inside. But gosh I hate Danelius. Even with my thick hate for Danelius I still hope they do well in the tourny as they are ACC.

North Carolina lost. I'm indifferent on them. They have a rep of being assholes but they are gonna be scary next year as May, Felton and McCants are only Sophs this year. I think they will develop into a POWERHOUSE.

Georgia Tech and NC State play today, Tech should beat Boston College and they rip through Nevada as Tech isn't as complete as Gonzaga but more athletic. NC State plays a tough Vanderbilt team but if Hodge and Melvin show up I think they put em away by ten. Then they go on to face UCONN, who put a major ass beating on a highly touted DePaul team. I think UCONN takes it all, with Stanford (who I thought were soft and going to lose to MD) and the Terps down (my bias pick) UCONN is going to cruise. I hope the GT game is televised, as I really like them and really want to see Marvin Lewis do well as he is my favorite story of this year.

I love and hate this tournament with a passion.

Thu, Feb. 26th, 2004, 03:45 pm


Wed, Feb. 25th, 2004, 08:41 am

so I ditched my 8am class to study powerpoints for my InfoTech test coming up next..

I think if I could have an accent it would be Austrailian.

Tue, Feb. 24th, 2004, 10:24 am

Interesting Things About Myself

1. Since my tail light whent out, I stopped using turn signals.
2. I prefer albums over seeing a band live, as I think the remastered version is usually their best work.
3. Raging GAD
4. I beat up my girlfriend's ex boyfriend
5. Like hearing the sounds of bones cracking.
6. Absolute straight edge, more than people even know and thinking about taking it even further.
7. Scared of: heights, dying alone and being buried alive.
8. I have a habit of leaving people before I think they will leave me.
9. only trust two people on earth.
10. firmly believe lesbian porn is the only way to go when it comes to porn.
11. I was a big Duran Duran and Jose Canseco fan as a youth.
12. Favorite movie is Varsity Blues
13. I only watch 4 channels out of like 300 on TV (ESPN, MTV, ComCen, and VH1)
14. Have a gay brother and am totally cool with that.
15. HATE the phone.
16. told by my best friend that the girl I was totally over the moon for used to like me at the same time I liked her. Oh yeah he told me this 3 months after the fact.
17. Pro Choice. (insert Jay's dogma quote here)
18. Anti organized religion.
19. Horribly and regrettfully blunt.
20. Master of saying things at the wrong time and laughing at improper moments.
21. If I had an X-Men's powers it would be Morph.
22. if I could fight three people: Gideon Yago, Jason Biggs and Chris Carrabba.
23. I always rip the labels off soda bottles because I don't want people knowing what I am drinking.
24. I don't see my little sisters as much as I want to..
25. uh..I haven't killed anyone.

Tue, Feb. 17th, 2004, 09:27 am

Tonight on a very special Real World....No one gets arrested, someone gets drunk and apparently Camaron tries to whack Brad in the crotch.

and I've decided after watching bits and pieces of Inferno last night.

Kendal is the cutest girl in Real World/Road Rules history.

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